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arrested development

Best Arrested Development Quotes Author: Dosis Von Lustig Author: Quotes Uncategorized ,,

  There are so many great Arrested Development quotes that it’s hard to put a list together—there’s way too many to choose from! And considering there are now four hilarious seasons of the show on Netflix, I’m sure we’ll have even more as we re-watch them.┬áBut in the meantime, these are a few of our […]

Best Arrested Development Quotes

George Sr.: Ban on organized sports? Buster: You know, how you wouldn't let me sign up for anything when I was a kid. George Sr.: Is that what you've been thinking all these years? No, no, you were, you were just a turd out there, you know? You couldn't kick, and you couldn't run, you know? You're just a, a turd.